Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Glowing Ember

Bite back angry words
crippled emotions spark
the inner struggle to attach
to your body like leeches
light a candle to burn
away this vision
embark on a new journey
find yourself in the glowing
light that is your reclaimed
soul touched with love


Help in the drowning of the voices
better off heard and left behind
yanking at the veins in society
choking and strangling our voices
compromise to stay sane
deny the urge to run and fight
dead bodies and crying babies
ignored while we drink to much milk
and eat to many cookies

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Raggedy Ann

A little girl and her doll.
She wipes her nose
one handed while clutching
to the red curls.
So perfect yet imperfectly
awkward just like her.

Safe and warm
they sit for tea.
One cup?
No, two cups
it will be.

Swinging over the
great big hole.
Watching the
old dog house.
Where did
that dog go?